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Information Center V2

In my last post I talked about automating our kitchen information centre. It's certainly working nicely, but we've discovered a pretty big problem with it: there is simply too much information displayed on the screen at once. Often it gets difficult to zero in on what you're interested in.

So I decided to revisit the UI. The first step was to evaluate what information was really important vs that which is not. Basically this was an exercise in "just because I can put it on the screen, it doesn't mean I should..." This led to the elimination of several information modules:

TFL (London Bus System) Arrivals Anyone who is familiar with London's transit system knows that buses arrive so frequently that checking a schedule is not really necessary. You just go to the bus stop and wait a few minutes fir the next one to arrive.

Word of the Day This really was just frivolous information. I wrote it, so I wanted to use it. But it doesn't really do anything to h…

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