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Turning an old MacBook Air into a Chromebook

I bought a MacBook Air back in 2013. Its primary use was to be for travel — it's lightweight, small enough to fit any hotel safe I've ever come across, and for most of its life it was powerful enough to use to edit photos from my SLR on the go using Adobe Lightroom. But now it's showing its age. Newer versions of macOS and Lightroom push this machine to the limit, as do the 32 megapixel images that come from the camera I upgraded to a couple of years back. Additionally Apple no longer supports this machine with the release of macOS Monterey, and even though Big Sur can be installed, it doesn't run all that great. Catalina was the last version of macOS that ran well on this machine. All in all, while this laptop served me extremely well for 7 years, which is significantly more than I could have expected out of most laptop computers, it's life as a useful-to-me MacBook is nearing its end.  All that said, this machine is in really good shape. Considering it travell

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